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Doug Bradley’s New Website Offers Exclusive ‘Hellraiser’ Sculpture


Doug Bradley has announced, via Instagram, that his new website is now open. The site’s debut item is an exclusive sculpture that’s not quite yet available for purchase. Apparently, the actor who famously played Pinhead has been working on a new Hellraiser-inspired sculpture entitled “I Am The Way”:

Bradley and his fellow collaborators will be on hand at Monsterpalooza in Pasadena, CA this weekend to take preorders for the “I Am The Way”, which retails for $400.


Inspired by the iconic moment from Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth when Pinhead scornfully removed two worm-adorned pins from his head and drove them through the palms of his hand in a parody of Christ’s crucifixion, and taking Jesus’ own words for himself, blasphemously declaring “I am the Way”.

Conceived by Doug’s partner, Steph Sciullo, the hand itself was cast from Doug’s hand by Steph (in their kitchen!). The base and Pinhead’s ‘finger-stalls’ were designed and sculpted by Kyle Roberts and molded and made by Steve Tolin’s Tolin FX in Pittsburgh, PA.

Made from a high impact urethane rubber, dense and durable. 11″ tall, 9″ deep, 8″ wide.

Each piece is hand-finished by Steph and individually autographed by Doug, making each one a unique item. This is a high-end collectible, available initially in a Limited First Run of 100.


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