Home Art Dynamite Releases Vampirella Rockin' Jelly Bean Mamegyorai Statue

Dynamite Releases Vampirella Rockin’ Jelly Bean Mamegyorai Statue


Dynamite Entertainment has released a new Vampirella Mamegyorai statue designed by Rockin’ Jelly Bean. The nearly foot-tall statue, sculpted by Yoshiki Fujimoto & painted by Yoshinori Yatake, features the iconic character standing on a coffin stuffed with undead and surrounded by bats:

The Vampirella Rockin’ Jelly Bean Mamegyorai Statue is now available for $300:

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Dynamite Entertainment and Mamegyorai proudly present the newest Vampirella statue, based on the artwork of Japanese sensation Rockin’ Jelly Bean! Japan’s leading Lowbrow artist gives life and magic to this iconic horror heroine with the help of sculptor Yoshiki Fujimoto. This 11.3″ sexy, painstaking, and brutal masterpiece stands atop a coffin base, complete with the hands of the undead and mysterious eyes gazing toward the unknown!


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