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Check Out Ghoulish Gary Pullin’s ‘The Prodigy’ Poster


Acclaimed horror artist “Ghoulish” Gary Pullin has unveiled, via social media, a brand-new limited edition poster that he’s created for Orion Pictures’ upcoming horror movie The Prodigy. The poster features the film’s primary character, young “Miles”, wearing his creepy skeleton pajamas & face paint. The boy is standing in a doorway and casting a hammer-shaped shadow on the floor, with the film’s logo below and the tagline “What’s Wrong With Miles?” in the upper-left:

The 24″ x 36″ poster is available in three variants. The $40 standard version features a red light and is limited to 40 copies:

Buy from Ghoulish Gary

A green-light variant, limited to just 20 copies, is also available for just five dollars more:

Buy from Ghoulish Gary

Finally, there’s a blue variant, which is also limited to just 20 copies and likewise sells for $45:

Buy from Ghoulish Gary

The Prodigy will be released to theaters nationwide on Friday, February 8th. The film is directed by Nicholas McCarthy, written by Jeff Buhler, and stars Taylor Schilling, Jackson Robert Scott, Brittany Allen, Colm Feore, and Peter Mooney.

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