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Sideshow Reveals Mamegyorai ‘Alien Big Chap’ 1:3 Scale Statue


Sideshow Collectibles has revealed the “Alien Big Chap” statue by Mamegyorai. The 1:3 scale polystone statue by artists Yoshiki Fujimoto, Tasuhiko Enonoto, Dainippon Koubou, and Wataru Mishima stands approximately 28 inches tall and features the likeness of the first xenomorph from Ridley’s Scott’s original 1979 film:

While the Mamegyorai Alien Big Chap statue won’t be released until March and May of next year, it’s now available on preorder for $2,100:

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This masterpiece of a statue expresses the true character from every detail down to its infamous pose. Big Chap will always be a symbolic member of the golden monster era.

This project began with a special team of four hand-selected by Mamegyorai. The director of this team is Mr. Kiyonori Fujimoto who has sculpted, painted, and finalized this incredible life-like character in 1:3 scale. No compromises were made – attention to every fine detail has been brought to life!


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