Cemetery Dance Publications has announced On This, the Day of the Pig Signed Limited Edition Hardcover. Limited to just one thousand copies, the 300-page book is written by Josh Malerman and features cover art by Slasher Dave:

While On This, the Day of the Pig won’t be released until this Halloween (Wednesday, October, 31st), it’s now available on preorder for $40:

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Jeff looked over his shoulder back to the hidden pigpen.

Pearl was all he could see. Pearl. Sitting on his ass like a person might, his front hooves limp at the sides of his belly, his head was cocked slightly to the side, his pink ears straight high above his head. His bad eye looked dark, hidden, but his good one was fixed on Jeff.

In it, Jeff saw an intelligence that scared him.

A half smile appeared under the pig’s snout, or maybe it was just the way his lips naturally curled up at their ends.

Jeff fingered the latch. Pearl watched him. Staring. Assessing. Planning?

Jeff pulled his fingers away. A streak of shame ran down his back, like he’d come close to letting something very bad out of the pen…

Hardcover Signed Limited Edition:

  • Personally signed by the author on a unique signature page
  • Printed on 60# acid-free paper
  • Featuring a high-end binding with colored head & tail bands
  • Printed and bound with full-color marbled endpapers
  • Sewn-in ribbon page marker
  • Featuring hot foil stamping on the front boards and spine
  • Smyth sewn
  • Limited one time printing of this special edition


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