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The Book ‘I, Survivor’ From ‘Victor Crowley’ Real & Being Published


ArieScope Pictures has announced that the book I, Survivor featured from the film Victor Crowley isn’t just a prop, but an actual book that will be published.

It’s not just a prop from the movie. “I, Survivor” is a real book!

In the latest movie in Adam Green’s Hatchet franchise, the character Andrew Yong (Parry Shen) has written a book about his experiences surviving the previous film. But what audiences didn’t know is that Green’s friend and real-life author, Joel Knetter, actually wrote the book seen in the movie.

The now infamous “bookstore signing scene” from Victor Crowley. Make sure you watch the movie on Blu-Ray or DVD to see the entire scene as it was meant to be seen!

“Knetter and I originally started out writing I, Survivor as a companion piece to the Hatchet series,” says Green. ”However it wound up becoming so much more than just a novel that fills in what the audience didn’t see in the films. We realized very quickly that we had a rare opportunity to bring a fictitious character to full three dimensional life by having “him” tell his story in a first-person narrative.” Knetter adds, “I think that fans are going to be surprised by how deep this book actually goes into who Andrew Yong is and what he went through. I, Survivor turns Yong into a real person by humanizing his story in a way that a film just can’t.”

A page from “I, Survivor” by Andrew Yong.

“Besides,” says Green, “I just can’t wait until the day comes when someone picks up a copy of this book at a yard sale and reads it having no idea that it is part of a fictitious slasher franchise. Can you imagine?”

“Stay out of the swamp! – Andrew Yong”

A signed, hardcover edition of the book was available to folks lucky enough to attend Victor Crowley screenings last year, but a trade paperback is now coming to the general public. The final release date will be announced in the coming weeks.


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