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AfterShock Releases ‘Pestilence Volume 2: A Story of Satan’ TPB


AfterShock Comics has released the Pestilence Volume 2: A Story of Satan trade paperback. The 120-page full-color book is written by Frank Tieri, illustrated by Oleg Okunev, with letters by Marshall Dillon, colors by Guy Major & Rob Schwager, and cover art by Tim Bradstreet.

Pestilence Volume 2: A Story of Satan is now available in both print & digital for just $14.99:

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The year is 1353. The fugitive Roderick Helms has retreated to a life of hidden seclusion after failing to expose the Church’s role in the Black Death. But something threatens to bring him back into action. Something that has risen which will threaten to transform the waning plague into a far more darker and sinister crisis. And that something is none other than Satan himself!


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