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All Three Issues Of AlternaComics ‘Mr. Crypt’ Now Available


AlternaComics has announced that all three issues of Mr. Crypt are now available for purchase in both print and digital. The three-part, limited series is written by Troy Vevasis with art and covers by Aleksandar Jovic. Each issue retails for just $1.50, making the complete set only $4.50.

Series Synopsis:

Mr. Crypt is an all-ages adventure that follows a lonely skeleton. His suit and fake mustache is the only thing that keeps angry villagers from chasing him around town. Joined by a pet rat that he discovers in an abandoned shack, Mr. Crypt does his best to be kind and optimistic in a town that fears and hates him.

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Issue #1 Synopsis

Who’s that suit-wearing living skeleton with a heart of gold? It’s Mr. Crypt, that’s who! Using a mustache and top hat for a disguise, can Mr. Crypt and his friendly pet rat win over the local villagers and make the best of a bad situation?

Issue #2 Synopsis

Just when he thought it was safe to go back to the grave, Mr. Crypt finds himself in another dreadful situation as vampires move into town! Along with his new friend Godfrey, can they stop the blood-suckers before bedtime? Mr. Crypt is the perfect blend of humor, horror, and heart!

Issue #3 Synopsis

Mr. Crypt and Baron Rat make their triumphant return in the final story of this 3-issue mini! After earning a well-deserved vacation, Mr. Crypt soon discovers that this will be a trip like no other. Also: find out what Baron Rat does when Mr. Crypt isn’t home!


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