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Alterna Comics Releases Sixth ‘All-Star FUBAR’ Trade Paperback


Alterna Comics has released the sixth All-Star FUBAR zombie anthology trade paperback. The 272-page black & white book, created by Jeff McComsey, includes stories written by Michael Exner III, Brian Donnelly, Kyle Kaczmarczyk, Chuck Dixon, Oliver Mertz, Mike Isenberg, Jeff McClelland, Michael McDermott, Kelly Williams, Matt Miner, Matt Summo, Shawn Aldridge, Phil McClorey, Mike Imboden, Eric Esquivel, Benjamin Truman, Joseph Pangrazio and more. Illustrations are by Michael Bracco, Lonny Chant, Rob Croonenborghs, Kelly Williams, Jim McMunn, Steve Willhite, Ari Pluchinsky, Sam Bowen, Jeff McComsey, Will Perkins, Kurt Belcher, Jeremy Massie, John Broglia, Joe Dunn and more. The full-color cover is by artist Matt Smith:

The sixth All-Star FUBAR trade paperback is now available in print for just $14.95:

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Nothing is sacred in this collection: from the Mad Monk Rasputin rampaging through a zombie-infested Kremlin to the battlefields of World War II with the Nazi-eating undead, to bear-fighting for Mother Russia! Elvis, King Tut, Ben Franklin, Henry VIII, and many more grace the blood-slicked pages of All-Star FUBAR.


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