Home Comics Archie Comics Releases Eleventh Issue Of 'Jughead: The Hunger'

Archie Comics Releases Eleventh Issue Of ‘Jughead: The Hunger’


Archie Comics has released the eleventh issue of Jughead: The Hunger under its Madhouse label, concluding the “Frankenmoose Meets the Wolf Jug” story arc. The 26-page full-color comic is written by Frank Tieri & illustrated by Joe Eisma, with letters by Jack Morelli, colors by Matt Herms, main cover art by Adam Gorham, and variant covers by Sandy Jarrell & Cory Smith:

Jughead: The Hunger issue #11 is now available in both print & digital for just $3.99:

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Who will win the battle of Riverdale’s answer to Universal’s classic movie monsters? Find out – as well as who, or what, might be returning from the grave…