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Boom! Studios Announces ‘Beneath the Dark Crystal’ Comic


Boom! Studios has announced that it’s teaming up with The Jim Henson Company to produces a twelve-issue comic based on the 1982 movie The Dark Crystal. Entitled Beneath The Dark Crystal, the series is written by Adam Smith and features interior art by Alexandria Huntington.

“The Dark Crystal is undeniably about wonder and hope, a fantastical world to be explored and saved from evil,” said writer Adam Smith. “In Beneath the Dark Crystal, we’re so excited to continue that exploration to the world beneath Thra, Mithra. The Jim Henson Company has always told undeniably human stories wrapped in magic and mysticism, and we hope that readers will not just join us, but connect in some way, to a new world of hope and wonder. The next stage of Thurma and Kensho’s relationship is a very human story, just with Firelings, Gelfling, and a very powerful Light.”

“The Dark Crystal has been one of my favorite films since childhood, and has largely inspired and influenced my illustrative work,” says artist Alexandria Huntington. “I am just really excited to add to that legacy. For me, The Dark Crystal transcends “fantasy” as the genre we know today, and harkens back to something more primal. It’s more a myth than a story, and there is something intrinsically magical about that.”

The main cover of issue #1 is by Benjamin Dewey, with variant covers David Petersen, Ramón K. Pérez, and Dave McKean:

Beneath the Dark Crystal issue #1 will be available in both print and digital this July.


Kensho arrives at the Crystal Castle where he was once a lowly acolyte and is asked to accept the responsibility as leader of Thra. But he will have to rectify sins of the past before he can decide if he – or anyone – is fit to rule. Meanwhile, the realm of Mithra is being rebuilt by the newly-crowned Ember Queen Thurma, whose own quest to decide the future of her land is thrown into question when another Fireling makes a claim as the true heir to the throne.


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