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Boundless Comics ‘Hellina: Ravening’ Preorder Sale


Comic Cavalcade has announced a preorder sale for Boundless Comics upcoming two-part comic mini-series Hellina: Ravening. The mature demon-killing comic is written by Pat Shand and interior features art by Ron Adrian & Raulo Caceres and covers by Adrian, Caceres, Jonatas, Renato Camilo, Matt Martin, and Christian Zanier:

Hellina: Ravening issue #1 will be available Tuesday, July 31st. Typically $5.99, the 48-page full-color comic is on sale for just $3.90:

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Hellina is back in action! After consolidating her power following the epic UnHoly series, now she must face a war brewing with the Ravening! Each issue features two epic tales and all the whip-cracking, blood-drinking goodness you could want!


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