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Dark Horse ‘Joe Golem: Occult Detective – The Conjurors’ Issue #2

Dark Horse Comics will release the second issue of Joe Golem: Occult Detective – The Conjurors. this Wednesday. The 32-page full-color comic is written by Mike Mignola & Christopher Golden, with illustrations by Peter Bergting, colors by Michelle Madsen, and cover art by David Palumbo.

While Joe Golem: Occult Detective – The Conjurors issue #2 won’t be released until Wednesday, June 12th, it’s now available on preorder in both print & digital for just $3.99:

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As his humanity slips away, one driving thought remains in Joe Golem’s mind: hunt the witches, save the girl. But time is running out as he treks through the submerged tunnels of the Drowning City in search of Dr. Cocteau and the horrible revelation that awaits in his lab! Meanwhile, the ghosts of Simon Churchs past associates pay a call. But are they there to help, or to hinder?


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