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DC Comics Announces Walmart-Exclusive 100-Page ‘Swamp Thing’


DC Comics has announced a new Walmart-Exclusive 100-page giant Swamp Thing series. The 100-page debut issue contains the brand-new twelve-page Swamp Thing story “Desert of Ash”, written by Tim Seeley and illustrated by Mike Perkins, along with reprints of Lemire, Travel Foreman, and Dan Green’s “The Hunt” from Animal Man, “Raise Dem Bones” from the New 52 Swamp Thing by writer Scott Snyder & artist Yanick Paquette, and “Death in a Small Town” from Shadowpact.

Along with Swamp Thing, DC Comics will also be releasing Walmart-exclusive 100-page giant first issues of Batman, The Flash, Superman, Teen Titans, and Wonder Woman.

DC Comics Vice President of Mass Book, Digital Sales & Trade Marketing Nancy Spears stated: “DC has been incredibly successful in attracting new readers through its relationship with Walmart. These two titles are the perfect extensions to the Walmart line, given the successful Flash TV show and the popularity of last October’s Swamp Thing Halloween Horror Special (which we reported on back in October).”

The 100-page giant Swamp Thing issue #1 will be released on Wednesday, February 17th for $4.99 exclusively at Walmart.

Issues #2 and #3 will feature the two-part story “Bog of Blood, also written by Seeley with art by Joelle Jones, which introduces a “terrifying and potentially supernatural slasher stalking the swamps of Louisiana” – stay tuned!


Swamp Thing and his witch companion Briar face the pyromaniac Char Man, who possesses the ability to control flames, a power granted by the elemental spirits of fire itself.

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