Dynamite Comics has announced that it’s bringing Elvira, Mistress of the Dark back to comics after more than a decade out of print.

“I’m thrilled to partner with Dynamite! I’ve been working hand in hand with them over the past year to put together the best comic series possible. Elvira’s new dark adventures continue starting this July!”, stated Cassandra Peterson (Elvira, Mistress of the Dark).

The new comic series is written by David Avallone, illustrated by artist Dave Acosta, and features coloring by Francesco Francavilla.

Writer David Avallone said: “I really want to capture the essence of what Cassandra Peterson created and bring it faithfully to the comics page. The story is a horror tale (or a quartet of connected horror tales) with a nightmarish villain and danger and action… but at its center is this wise-cracking, plucky, sexy, unflappable heroine. Elvira is incredibly charming and funny and delightful and she maintains that in the face of whatever happens.”

Elvira, Misterss of the Dark #1 has a primary cover by artist Joseph Michael Linsner, and variant covers by J. Bone, Kyle Strahm, Craig Cermak, and Robert Hack, plus a photo variant cover of Elvira herself, Cassandra Peterson.

Editor Joseph Rybandt stated: “After his work on our Bettie Page series, David has become my go-to guy in finding the narrative with properties that require an extra level in their development. And just like Bettie, David has exceeded my expectations and created something fun and dark and all meeting with Elvira’s high expectations! Being able to reunite David with Dave Acosta makes this an all-star creative team for one of the most iconic horror properties in existence!”

Dynamite Comics CEO & Publisher Nick Barrucci said: “Working with Elvira has been really exciting, and we wanted to ensure that we would execute as perfectly as possible, we needed a writer who could do just that in David Avollone. David’s writing is crisp and he knows how to capture the voice of the characters he works with incredibly well. So much so, that the last series he wrote, Betty Page, we were approached by Playboy to create a story for them. I can’t wait to show the fans where David takes Elvira and hew new adventures!”

The first issue of Dynamite’s Elvira, Mistress of the Dark should ship in July.


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