Dynamite Comics has released issue #11 of Vampirella Volume 4. The 32-page comic is written by Jeremy Whitley with art by Andy Belanger. Vampirella Volume 4 Issue #11 features four different cover designs, a primary (Cover A by Philip Tan), an alternate (Cover B by Stephen Segovia), a cosplay cover (Cover C), a subscription cover (Cover D by Jimmy Broxton), and two sold-out limited edition exclusive covers (Cover E by Adam Hughes and Cover F by Natali Sanders):

Dynamite Comics also shared some virgin versions of Covers A, C, E, and F

Along with black & white variants of Covers A and D:


Betrayal hangs heavy in the air as Vampirella is at the mercy of her sometime friend, sometime foe Pantha, and Vicki makes a discovery that changes everything for the whole world. Things get incredibly real!


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