Home Comics Dynamite Releases 'Pathfinder: Worldscape Re-Animator' One-Shot

Dynamite Releases ‘Pathfinder: Worldscape Re-Animator’ One-Shot


Dynamite Entertainment has released the Pathfinder: Worldscape Reanimator one-shot crossover comic. The full-color comic is written by Erik Mona & illustrated by Matt Gaudio, with cover art by Roberto Castro.

Pathfinder: Worldscape Reanimator is now available in both print & digital for just $19.99:

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The blood of a thousand Therns drowns Shareen’s arena. Empress Camilla’s corpse lies among an army of White Martian dead. To Herbert West, Re-Animator, the arena is a vast laboratory of fresh specimens. Conquering the secret of life and death means unlocking the science of Camilla’s fountain of youth, but H. P. Lovecraft’s most cantankerous scientist must work fast, before Shareen’s next would-be empress comes calling!


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