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Dynamite Releases Third Issue Of ‘Vampirella Vs. Reanimator’


Dynamite Entertainment has released the 3 issue of Vampirella Vs. Reanimator. The 32-page black & white comic is written by Cullen Bunn & Blacky Shepherd and illustrated by Shepherd, featuring cover art by Johnny Desjardins, Stuart Sayger, Shepherd, Nik Virella, and Fred Ian, plus a cosplay cover:

Vampirella Vs. Reanimator issue #3 is now available in for just $3.99:

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Herbert West has awakened the Queen of Death, and together they plan on tearing the veil between life and death apart. In order to defeat this ancient enemy, Vampirella must awaken an equally powerful (and equally dangerous) deity. The only problem? This god of death has more than a few bones to pick with Vampi himself.


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