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New GWAR Graphic Novel Announced At NYCC 2018


A new graphic novel based on outrageous heavy metal band GWAR was announced this past weekend at the 2018 New York Comic Con (NYCC). The 96-page full-color GWAR: The Enormogantic Fail is written by Matt Miner & Matt Maguire, illustrated by Maguire, Liana Kangas, Lukasz Kowalczuk, Matt Lejeune, Katie Longua, Jeff Martin, and Kelly Williams, with letters by Taylor Esposito, colors by Josh Jensen, and cover art by Jensen and Jonathan Brandon Sawyer.

While GWAR: The Enormogantic Fail isn’t expected to be released until sometime in June of next year, it’s now available to preorder in print for $20 or on digital for just $10:

Buy from GwarComic.com

A number of deluxe packages are also available, starting with the Deluxe Set, which includes a print copy of the book plus a book-sized cover print and Cardinal Syn enamel pin for $40:

Buy from GwarComic.com

Next there’s the $75 Deluxe + Signed Bookplate which includes the Deluxe set plus a bookplate signed by GWAR members Beefcake, Balsac, Jizmak, Bonesnapper, Sawborg, Blothar, and Pustulus:

Buy from GwarComic.com

There’s also the $100 Deluxe + Signed Bookplate/CD which includes the above package plus GWAR’s latest album The Blood of Gods signed by the band:

Buy from GwarComic.com

Moving on we have some more exclusive (and expensive) items, which include real stage-used props, with the Deluxe + Signed Bookplate/CD package. First up is the Mattron Slave Mask for $1,000:

Buy from GwarComic.com

Next up is the Jacques Cousteau Head from the band’s Dawn of the Day of the Night of the Penguins tour for $2,000:

Buy from GwarComic.com

Finally, $5,000 will get you Beefcake’s Helmet:

Buy from GwarComic.com


The Master is at it again in a fierce battle against Cardinal Syn. To get into the Master’s good graces, the Destructo brothers have trapped GWAR in order to interrogate them to find the key to destroying Cardinal Syn once and for all.

Will Sawborg and Bozo Destructo get the answers they need? Can GWAR escape their clutches? Will Cardinal Syn destroy them all? And what really happened when GWAR were banished to earth?


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