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IDW Publishing Releases ‘Ghostbusters IDW 20/20’ One-shot


To celebrate its 20th anniversary, IDW Publishing has released the special one-shot comic Ghostbusters: IDW 20/20. The 36-page full-color comic is written by Erik Burnham and illustrated by Dan Schoening & Tim Lattie, with colors by Luis Antonio Delgado, and cover art by Schoening.

Ghostbusters: IDW 20/20 is now available in both print & digital for just $4.99:

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Twenty years in the future, and a new generation of Ghostbusters… is sent on all the jobs Ray, Winston, Peter, and Egon just don’t feel like taking on themselves. The Sanctum of Slime Ghostbusters – Bridget, Samuel, Gabriel, and Alan – have proven themselves many times over… first against the demon Dumazu, and later with the Ghostbusters of many other dimensions in the recent Crossing Over event. Now they’re ready for an easy gig, something like a simple haunted house. But they better be careful… you never know Wat could happen.


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