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Image Comics Announces ‘Kill Six Billion Demons, Book 3’ TPB


Image Comics has announced that it will be publishing the third chapter of dark fantasy web comic Kill Six Billion Demons as a trade paperback this Spring. The 160-page full-color book is written and illustrated by Tom Parkinson-Morgan AKA “Abbadon”.

Parkinson-Morgan stated: “In this one there’s love, revenge, obsession, a mad god, and a dragon. There’s also a four-page spread of an army of psychopathic accountant priests fighting colonial soldiers mounted on dinosaurs.”

While Kill Six Billion Demons, Book 3 won’t hit comic book shops until Wednesday, March 6th and general availability isn’t until Tuesday, March 12th, it’s now available on preorder for just $16:99:

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Sorority sister and possible inheritor to the universe Allison Ruth has been through a lot, but she’s definitely not done yet. She’s got to battle her way to the depths of an infinite treasure fortress in search of a long-lost friend. And along the way, she’ll have to confront not only the dark, criminal past of her closest companion, but also the depths of her own inner lust for power.

  • Diamond Code: JAN190154
  • ISBN: 978-1-5343-1201-2


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