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Image Releases ‘Hack/Slash Resurrection, Vol. 2: Blood Simple’ TPB


Image Comics has released the Hack/Slash Resurrection, Vol. 2: Blood Simple trade paperback, containing issues seven through twelve of the comic series, and guest starring Vampriella. The 146-page full-color book is written by Tini Howard & illustrated by Celor & Tim Seeley, with lettering by Crank, coloring by K. Michael Russell, and cover art by Richard Pace.

Hack/Slash Resurrection, Vol. 2: Blood Simple is now available in both print & digital for just $16.99:

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After a team-up with Cat Curio and Pooch of Cat & Dog Investigations, Cassie and Vlad are drawn back to the ideal little town of Haverhill… except it’s been turned into a stinking hellhole and it’s chock full of vampires. As Cassie discovers a link between Haverhill and her past, Vlad reconnects with one ally who may be able to save them: Vampirella!


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