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Titan Comics Reveals New Zombie Horror Series ‘Dead Life’


Titan Comics has revealed, via Instagram, that it’s making a new zombie horror comic series called Dead Life. The first issue of Dead Life will be available on Wednesday, July 18th. The comic is written by Jean-Charles Gaudin and features interior art Joan Urgell and Mambba. The cover for issue #1 is designed by artist Mike Norton:

Penguin Random House Canada also has a partial listing for what appears to be a trade paperback of the series. The publishing company has the correct names of the comic, the writer, one artist, and even lists Titan Comics as the original publisher. The trade paperback is listed for $23 and will be available on Tuesday, December 4th.


When Stephen finds, and drinks from, a medieval chalice buried in his grandparents’ attic, he has no idea of the hell he’s unleashed. The cursed chalice brings the undead back to walk the Earth and feed on the living. Who, if anyone, will survive the epidemic? And what will be left of them?


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