Home Comics Todd McFarlane Teases 'Medieval Spawn And Witchblade' Mini-Series

Todd McFarlane Teases ‘Medieval Spawn And Witchblade’ Mini-Series


Todd McFarlane shared a preview, via Facebook, of his upcoming Medieval Spawn And Witchblade four-part mini-series from Image Comics. The new comic series is written by Brian Haberlin and Brian Holguin with art by Haberlin. This is the first time in two decades that McFarlane’s two popular characters have appeared together. The Spawn creator shared a trio of images along with a trailer showcasing the new series “interactive” features:

It looks like the comic uses a smartphone app to add additional making-of and immersion content.

The first issue of Medieval Spawn And Witchblade will be available in both print and digital on Wednesday, May 9th for only $2.99: Buy from Image Comics


A village is besieged by a dark force – then Spawn emerges from out of the shadows to save them all. Is he their savior… or their destroyer?


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