Zenescope Entertainment has released the debut issue of its six-part comic miniseries Van Helsing Sword of Heaven. The 25-page full-color comic is written by Chuck Dixon and illustrated by Julius Abrera, with coloring by Maxflan Araujo, featuring cover art by Geebo Vigonte & Ivan Nunes, with variant covers by Igor Vitorino & Grostieta, Kevin McCoy & Ceci de la Cruz, Derlis Santacruz & Sanju Nivangune, and Leonardo Colapietro:

Van Helsing Sword of Heaven issue #1 is now available in both print & digital for just $3.99:

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Liesel is willing to risk everything, her life included, to get her hands on the legendary blade that could bring an end to vampirism. As she journies across India on a quest for this fabled artifact, she must confront those who also seek this weapon, all while trying to save her own skin.


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