Fright-Rags has released its “Mani-Yack” apparel collection, with designs featuring the likeness of iconic horror movie villains Michael Myers AKA “The Shape” from Halloween, Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Pinhead from Hellraiser, and GhostFace from Scream: based on the 1960’s Kaumagraph Mani-Yack transfers:

The designs are available on a 100% cotton men’s t-shirt in either black or white starting at $27 for sizes S through 3XL, $28 for 4XL, and $29 for 5XL:

A women’s cut tee is also available in sizes XS through 2XL for $27:

Finally, there’s a men’s ringer tee for $29 in sizes S through 3XL, $28 for 4XL, and $29 for 5XL:

The entire Fright-Rags Mini-Yack collection is now available for purchase and should ship within seven to ten days:

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