Funko has revealed a new line of VHS-themed collectible t-shirts based on classic 1980’s movies, and among them are a couple of horror films. First, there’s the “Punk Poster” shirt featuring “Dante’s Inferno Room” and the title character from¬†Beetlejuice:

Next is the “Gizmo Warning Danger” from Gremlins, featuring Gizmo and his care instructions from Gremlins:

What’s more, each shirt comes packaged in a weathered double-sized faux-VHS box featuring the films’ actual box cover art with the “Funko Home Video” logo.

The non-horror VHS Tees include Animal House, Back to the Future, Bloodsport, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Robocop, and Rocky.

Funko’s new VHS Tees will be available soon, exclusively at Target.


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