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Olay Releases Full Slasher-Themed Super Bowl LIII Commercial


Health & beauty company Olay has released its full-length slasher-themed #KillerSkin Super Bowl LIII commercial featuring scream queen Sarah Michelle Gellar. As we reported last week, the company previously released a series of four seven-second teaser clips, which each has some overlapping content & a couple second of logo.

The full thirty-second commercial provides a full linear narrative where the masked killer breaks into Gellar’s house, chases her & her friend up the stairs and into the bedroom. When Gellar tries to use her phone to call the police, the facial recognition unlocking fails because her skin has been “transformed” from using Olay products… seriously. The commercial ends with the killer breaking into the bedroom, plopping down on the bed and complimenting Gellar on her skin.

The ad will air during Super Bowl LIII this Sunday, February 3rd at 6:30pm Eastern.


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