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Aspyr Announces Virtual Reality Game ‘Torn’


Aspyr has released the official worldwide reveal trailer for its upcoming gothic horror title Torn. The first-person, single-player, adventure game is meant for virtual reality and is also Aspyr’s first original game developed in-house – the company is well-known for porting PC titles to Mac and Linux.

The story is said to be inspired by shows like Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone, but to us the style seems more reminiscent of BioShock and Myst.

Torn will be released for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PSVR this Spring.


In 1953, on the brink of a major scientific breakthrough, the renowned physicist Dr. Lawrence Talbot vanished. For 64 years, his mansion remained hidden, his laboratory and work all but forgotten… Until now.


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