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Asypr Shares 360 Degree Screenshots From Virtual Reality Game ‘Torn’


Aspyr Media has shared some 360-degree screenshots of its upcoming Myst-like virtual reality game Torn – we reported the game’s announcement and reveal trailer back in March. Featured in the immersive screenshots are four of the game’s locations, along with some descriptions that reveal a little more about the story of Torn.

The Grounds

Not too big, not too small, not too happy, not too creepy, with just enough Willy Wonka style machines jutting out to make you wonder what the heck is going on here. For the mad dimensional scientist Dr. Talbot, it’s just right.

The Observatory

The Observatory is special location and the mansion’s highest point. This is where, 64 years ago, Talbot and his wife Rena experimented with a radio telescope to locate in galactic space the place they named “The Parallel.” Space is vast and this was no easy task, so they brought the comforts of home to help pass the time as the aimed the telescope at star after star. One of the central puzzles we wanted to player to be curious about in this room was “How do I get upstairs?”

The Music Room

The Music Room was where Talbot and his wife entertained guests in the Mansion’s heyday. One can only imagine the wild parties and late night card games that took place here. If only the walls could talk! The room features a large and very bizarre looking self-playing organ.

The Parallel

The Parallel is the mysterious realm that Dr. Talbot finds himself trapped in. It’s been Talbot’s home for 64 years – home to his consciousness, at any rate. The whereabouts of Dr. Talbot’s physical body are, at present, unknown. The Parallel exhibits strange, physics-defying properties. Here, thoughts are made manifest simply by thinking them. After spending so much time here, the Parallel reacts to Talbot’s emotional state. But what – and where – the Parallel is, remains a mystery.

Torn will be released for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PSVR this Spring.


In 1953, on the brink of a major scientific breakthrough, the renowned physicist Dr. Lawrence Talbot vanished. For 64 years, his mansion remained hidden, his laboratory and work all but forgotten… Until now.


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