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‘Court of the Dead: Mourners Call’ Kickstarter Now Live


Project Raygun has launched the Kickstarter campaign for Court of the Dead: Mourners Call, its board game based on Sideshow Collectibles’ first original IP, Court of the Dead. We reported on the game’s reveal earlier this month:

The campaign set a $75,000 goal, and at the time of publishing had already raised over $67,500 from almost 750 backers. With that kind of momentum, it looks like the project will meet the criteria for its “48 Hour Quest”, which adds metal Unity Tokens to the game if the entire Kickstarter goal is achieved within the first 48 hours:

If the campaign raises $100,000, the game will be modified to accommodate a fifth player.

There are three pledge levels:

  • $1: Follow Along (special access to campaign updates)
  • $90: Court of the Dead: Mourners Call (the board game)
  • $100: Retailer Pledge (deposit for orders of 6 or 12 copies of the game)

What’s more, Kickstarter backers at the $90 level will have a choice of custom faction-aligned game box sleeves.

Head on over to the Court of the Dead: Mourners Call Kickstarter page for a full rundown of the game, the Court of the Dead storyline, and how to play.


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