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Survival Horror Game ‘Daymare: 1998’ Gets Trailer, Summer Launch


Invader Studios announced that it has teamed up with Destructive Creations and All in! Games to release its third-person survival horror game Daymare: 1998 this Summer! The game is described as an homage to the 1990’s golden era of survival horror video games like Resident Evil & Silent Hill. As such, it features a third-person camera, puzzles, and survival mechanics such as limited health & ammunition. However, with Unreal Engine 4 under the hood, Daymare: 1998 is no throwback in the graphics department.

Accompanying the announcement is the nearly minute-long H.A.D.E.S. story teaser which introduces us to “Liev” an agent of H.A.D.E.S.:

Daymare: 1998 will be releases sometime this Summer PC, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions planned for a future date. Unfortunately, neither the exact release date nor pricing were divulged at this time, so stay tuned!

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The scene is set with a secret research facility, a deadly chemical weapon and a special security team tasked with investigating an incident which has the potential to become much more than just a routine security breach. Follow the steps of an elite soldier, a helicopter pilot and a forest ranger as they play out their roles in an event that transforms one peaceful small town into a dead-zone and its citizens into bloodthirsty monsters. Take the creatures down first, and then look for any clues and evidence that you can piece together to make sense of the chaos. Keep track of your itinerary, as resources will be scarce! Anything can happen when your daymares become real.


H.A.D.E.S. (Hexacore Advanced Division for Extraction and Search) – The Hexacore company’s elite security force. It answers to the DoD (Department of Defense) directly and tackles the most delicate situations and incidents within the US. Agent Liev has been part of the team for seven years now, since he left Russia for better prospects. He took all he learned in the military with him, and his training from the elite Spetsnaz forces straight away secured him a well-paid job in H.A.D.E.S. Today, he is doing what he loves and is living the American dream; however, some say he merely demonstrates how for some people greed, ambition and personal status are more important than loyalty and patriotism.

But Liev knows better. He was the one who had to go through all the rough times back in the USSR and has fought tooth and nail to get where he is now. He doesn’t over-analyze, preferring instead to trust his well-trained instincts, which have kept him alive and well so far. And although these same instincts do not always tell him to keep his mouth shut, at least he’s known for his straightforwardness. And now, facing a mission that seems to be just a routine security breach, he already knows there’s a lot more to it.


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