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Watch The ‘Dead by Daylight: Darkness Among Us’ Teaser Trailer Now!


Foremost among the slew of new announcements at last night’s The Game Awards, foremost among them for horror fans was likely the teaser trailer for Dead by Daylight‘s third year winter update. The downloadable content (DLC), entitled “Darkness Among Us“, features new survivor “Jeff Johansen”, new killer “The Legion”, and the new map “Mount Ormond Resort”.

The nearly minute-long trailer features two men desperately running away from someone (or something), but when they find a place to hide, one of the men dons a mask and stabs the other.

According to the Dead by Daylight forums, Darkness Among Us will also bring the following game changes:

The Legion:

  • Reduced The Legion Feral Frenzy Vault distance. To give The Legion a sense of speed when they vault, we had increased the distance coming out of the vault. Unfortunately, this meant that Survivors had a larger window to juke The Legion by going back through the same vault location. We have reduced the distance to tighten the gap and allow The Legion an opportunity to counter this.
  • Removed the double stun effect when hitting Survivors affected by Deep Wound.
    After hitting a Survivor affected by Deep Wound, The Legion will no longer play the weapon swipe animation. Instead, the attack will transition directly into the ‘fatigue’ state, before ending the power.
  • Legion lunge distance increased. The Legion’s lunge was slightly too short compared to other Killers. It has been adjusted to match the standard speed curve off the base attack giving it a longer range.

Deep Wound Status:

  • Added a mending sound to Mend action. The sound for mending was missing during the PTB. Now you will hear a Survivor mending nearby.
  • Added a progress reset to the Mend action. If a Survivor has made progress towards mending their Deep Wound status and is hit again by a Feral Frenzy attack, the progression will reset.
  • The Deep Wound bleedout timer continues to progress during the Mend action. While not in a chase, the Deep Wound timer will tick down – even while using the Mend action. As long as The Survivor continues to mend, the timer will not progress past 99% and will not go into the dying state.
  • Specific actions that are not considered ‘Healing’ actions, will no longer be affected by perks that refer to healing. Mend, Snap out of it, and Wake up, are no longer considered healing actions, and as such, will not be affected by perks that refer to healing.

Unfortunately no specific release date was given for the Darkness Among Us expansion, so stay tuned as we learn more.

Originally released in 2016, asymmetrical mullti-player survival-horror game Dead by Daylight is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One for just $30:

Buy from GameStop

The Game Awards celebrated its fifth annual event last night (Thursday, December 6th) at the Microsoft Theater in downtown Los Angeles, CA.


You play as either a Survivor or a Killer. The Survivors aim is to escape the level, and the Killer’s goal is to stop them. Survivors use their 3rd person camera to look around, while the Killer’s FPS view is much more narrow.

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