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‘Dead by Daylight: Shattered Bloodline’ DLC Is Now Available!


The latest Dead by Daylight downloadable content (DLC), Shattered Bloodline – which we first reported on last month – is now available. As with all of the asymmetrical multiplayer game’s DLC packs, Shattered Bloodline features a new killer, map, and survivor. The new killer is known as “The Spirit”, the new map is called “Family Residence”, and the new survivor is “Adam Francis”. What’s more, Francis comes with the exclusive “Graduation Day Suit” – read on for full descriptions of each.

Dead by Daylight: Shattered Bloodline is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


In Shattered Bloodline, players will meet a new killer, The Spirit. Wrath is her legacy – the terrible pain she suffered sets it off. Swift and lethal, she exacts her revenge endlessly. The Spirit can use her power, Yamaoka’s Haunting, to enter an ethereal plane and phase-walk to another location, unseen by human eyes. The survivor, Adam Francis is The Inspiring Teacher. Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Adam is a resourceful professor and a driven autodidact who built a new home in Japan. The new map is set on Yamaoka Estate, in the Family Residence. The house needed numerous renovations to remain habitable. As it was stripped of its integrity, an old anger was awakened…

New Theme: The Yamaoka Estate

The estate was bought by the first of the Yamaoka, a shipwreck survivor, who came from a distant ashy island. He washed ashore just as political tensions sparked the flames of war.

Yamaoka joined the battlefield and unleashed hell on his foes. No one could match the raw fury of his katana, which elevated him to a legend. They say his devilish mask haunted the dreams of all men.

His fame grew as he spilled blood on both sides of the conflict. With power came wealth, which he used to buy the estate and begin his legacy.

The land was passed down from one generation to the next, each one leaving its mark on the landscape. The garden grew and expended through the ages. Now only an old maple tree remains untouched from Yamaoka’s era, representing the whole family.

New Map: Family Residence

While the Yamaoka estate displayed a glorious past, the family residence was falling apart. The house needed numerous renovations to remain habitable.

The last generation of the Yamaoka family were facing troubled times. Their finances were dire and the situation worsened when the daughter started university, just a few months before the mother became ill. Shouldering both university fees and hospital bills, the father worked past exhaustion.

To keep a roof over their heads, he profaned their legacy. The walls of their ancestral home were sealed with moldy materials for a cheap fix.

As the house was stripped of its integrity, an old anger was awakened.

New Killer: The Spirit

She inherited incredible fury from her ancestors. The wrath that flows through her veins is her legacy. The terrible pain she suffered set it off. Swift and lethal, The Spirit exacts her revenge endlessly.

The Spirit is a phase-walking Killer able to catch Survivors off-guard with her traversal power, Yamaoka’s Haunting.

Yamaoka’s Haunting

Yamoka is the name she carries from her ancestors, who unleashed hell on the battlefield. The Spirit draws her power from their wrath, haunting the living as retribution for her suffering.

The Spirit can use her power, Yamaoka’s Haunting, to enter an ethereal plane and phase-walk to a new location, unseen by human eyes.

While Yamaoka’s Haunting is active:

The Spirit may traverse freely to a new location faster for a duration of up to 5 seconds. The Spirit enters an ethereal plane, however, is still confined to the bounds of the physical environment and surroundings.

The Spirit leaves behind the world of living things and will lose sight of Survivors and their blood trails.

Similarly, Survivors will not see The Spirit while she is using her power, however, they will see the husk she leaves behind.

Spirit Fury:

Every time a pallet is broken, the fury of The Entity builds within. After breaking 4/3/2 pallets, the next dropped pallet you interact with will be instantly broken by the Entity.

Haunted Ground:

Spawn 2 trapped Hex Totems. When 1 of the 2 trapped Hex Totems is cleansed by a Survivor, all Survivors suffer from the Exposed Status Effect for 40/60/80 seconds. The remaining trapped Hex Totem immediately becomes a Dull Totem.


Obsession Perk when a Generator is completed. The Obsession location is revealed to you for 2 seconds and the Obsession sees your aura for 4/3/2 seconds. When the Obsession is dead, all Survivors location are revealed to you for 2 seconds each time a Generator is completed.

New Survivor: Adam Francis

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Adam is a resourceful teacher whose expectations of himself and others are higher than most. He is a driven autodidact who always strives to improve himself.

Finding opportunity miles away from his island, he built a new home from scratch. In Japan, he was seen as a hard teacher with a good heart. While he was tough during class, he held study sessions every day after school and spent hours answering any student’s questions. His kind nature allows him to adapt easily and resolve difficult situations.

Adam’s personal perks, Diversion, Deliverance, and Autodidact, help him to distract The Killer, survive desperate situations, and become more skilled as the trial continues.


Activatable Perk The perk activates after staying within The Killer’s Terror Radius for a total of 30 seconds while not in a chase. Once the perk has activated, press the active ability button while crouched and not moving to throw a pebble that creates a loud noise notification at a distance of 10/15/20 meters. The perk deactivates once it has been used.


After completing a Cautious unhook on a Survivor, the Perk activates. Your next attempt to escape and unhook yourself from a hook has a 100% chance to succeed. After successfully unhooking yourself, the Broken Status Effect is applied for 100/80/60 seconds.


You start the trial with a -20% progression penalty for a successful Skill Check while healing other Survivors. For every successful Skill Check completed while healing another Survivor, you receive a token for a maximum of 3/4/5 tokens. Each token grants you a +20% bonus progression on a successful Skill Check while healing other Survivors.

Exclusive Item:

The Shattered Bloodline Chapter includes an exclusive item for Adam, the Graduation Day Suit, only available as part of the DLC.

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