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Dead by Daylight’s 2018 Winter Solstice Event Is Now Live!


Dead by Daylight‘s annual Winter Solstice event or 2018 has begun! Players have probably already noticed a festive change in the lobby screen, complete with holiday lights & music:

The holiday adornments continue into the actual game with some objects, such as barrels, hooks, and lockers, wrapped in Christmas lights:

The Clown, Legion, and Spirit killers also feature “frosty eyes” in-game:

The Bloodweb is also getting the frosty treatment, with Mystery Boxes taking on the look of holiday gifts. The Boxes will also give out winter gifts with lower prices and better chances of rare items. Winter Party Starters are also making a return:

Last but not least, all players will receive double Bloodpoints throughout the duration of the event.

Dead by Daylight‘s 2018 Winter Solstice event kicked off last night and runs through Thursday, January 3rd.

Originally released in 2016, asymmetrical mullti-player survival-horror game Dead by Daylight is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One for just $30:

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You play as either a Survivor or a Killer. The Survivors aim is to escape the level, and the Killer’s goal is to stop them. Survivors use their 3rd person camera to look around, while the Killer’s FPS view is much more narrow.

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