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Maximum Games Reveals Gameplay Footage From ‘Agony’


Video game publisher Maximum Games has released “Fractal” gameplay footage for its highly anticipated first-person hellride Agony. The new trailer shows off what it’s like to play as one of the demons. It appears that the goal is to torture as many damned souls as quickly as possible to revive other demons:

Kickstarter-funded, Agony will be released next Tuesday, May 29th, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One:

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Agony puts you in control of one of Hell’s tortured and forgotten souls on a journey to find your freedom. Get a closer look at the horrid landscapes that await you in Agony. Experience the power that exists within you as you take control of the various demons that plague the landscapes of Hell. Unlock new demonic powers with skill points you collect along your journey, all in the hope you will be better prepared to survive what awaits you in Agony.


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