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‘Friday the 13th: the Game’ 1.30.18 Patch Released


The 1.30.18 Patch for Friday the 13th: The Game has been released. This patch brings a number of additions to the game, including Jason from Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning (AKA “fake Jason” or Roy Burns), along with the Pinehurst map, home of the Pinehurst Halfway House from the same movie – both visible in the screenshot below:

The new Jason wields a pair of garden shears and can perform the Hedge Trimmer, Last Breath, and You’re So Vein grab kills. His Strength include throwing knives, stalk, and can run, while his weaknesses include defense, grip strength, and stun resistance.

Finally, players at level 108 or above with 2500 CP to spare can unlock the new “Rugby Player” grab kill as seen in the screenshot below:

For more information on all the bug fixes and adjustments, check out the patch notes.


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