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‘Hellboy’ Board Game Kickstarter Surpasses One Million Dollars


The Kickstarter campaign for Hellboy: The Board Game, which launched just yesterday, has already raised over one million dollars! The campaign set a modest goal of just $139,467 and reached $1,000,000 with just over eight thousand backers, unlocking all sixteen stretch goals.

Based on the characters created for Dark Horse Comics by Mike Mignola Hellboy: The Board Game, created by Mantic Games, is a cooperative tabletop game for between 1 to 4 players which takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes to complete.

The pledge level required to secure yourself a copy of Hellboy: The Board Game and all of the Kickstarter exclusives and stretch goals is just $95. Check out the project’s Kickstarter to see full details of what’s included in the game and exactly how it’s played.


Hellboy: The Board Game gives you the chance to take control of an iconic member of the BPRD. Choose from Hellboy, Abe Sapien, Liz Sherman and Johann Kraus before equipping your agent with additional items that will help in the mission ahead. Each trinket, charm or weapon costs money though, so you’ll need to spend wisely.

Each of the missions in the core game begins by reading a BPRD Case File. This will set the scene for the investigation ahead and give hints about what threats you may encounter. The contents of each Case File are top secret, so the first time you play you’ll have no idea what you’re about to face!

During play, agents must carefully balance the Information Gathered track against the ominous Impending Doom track. Information Gathered represents the clues you uncover about the monster you’re hunting, while the Impending Doom track marks how close humanity is to the brink of destruction.

Do you spend valuable time investigating the scene to find a vital piece of the puzzle that could expose a crucial weakness of your foe, but risk the Impending Doom track reaching its devastating finale? Or do you forget the clues and rush through to a final confrontation before the monster has gathered its strength? No one said being a BPRD Agent would be easy.

Ahead of the climatic battle, you’ll have to face all manner of creatures that lurk in the shadows, ready to pounce at a moment’s notice. When the chips are down, it’s time to fight back using an intuitive system of custom coloured dice. Each BPRD agent has a range of special abilities they can use to defeat their enemies, or they can team up when things get really tough.

What’s more, no two missions will ever play the same thanks to the terrifying Deck of Doom. Each turn players unveil a Deck of Doom card, which could trigger a new onslaught from the arcane horrors hiding in the location, initiate a special event or simply move the Impending Doom track closer to its dramatic end.

No matter what your decisions are during the course of the mission, each play through will always end in an epic final confrontation with one of Hellboy’s most notorious adversaries. The board itself changes to reveal the boss’ lair and then all gloves are off for a desperate struggle against the forces of evil.


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