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‘Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror’ Coming To Steam This Week


Video game publisher Playism has announced that it will be bringing StoryTale Studios’ Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror to Steam later on this week. The first-person episodic horror game feature authentic Indonesian atmosphere and multiple endings. Check out the official trailer for the game’s first story, The White Lady:

StoryTale Studios’ Mira Wardhaningsih stated: “We noticed that different people perceive horror in different ways. For example, zombies are very frightening for some people, but for others, it’s just a walking body. Pamali was created to provide a glimpse into how horror is perceived in Indonesia. We want to introduce Indonesian horror, which is shaped by the culture of the people themselves, from their traditional taboos and folklore. As we believe traditional Indonesian horror shouldn’t be Westernized, Pamali strives to provide players with the authentic Indonesian horror experience.”

Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror – The White Lady will be released Friday, December 28th on Steam for just $4.99:

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Following The White Lady are three more stories, The Tied Corpse, The Little Devil, and The Hungry Witch, to be launched as separate DLC throughout 2019.


Venture through an abandoned Indonesian residence as Jaka, who has just returned to his hometown to sell his old family home.


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