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Watch The ‘Resident Evil 2’ Remake Story Trailer Now!


Resident Evil has released the story trailer for its upcoming remake of the classic 1998 survival-horror sequel Resident Evil 2. The over two-minute long trailer introduces the playable characters “Claire Redfield” & “Leon S. Kennedy” as well as “Ada Wong”, “Sherry Birkin” & her G Virus-mutated father “William Birkin”, a “Cerberus” zombie-dog, and a ton of brand-new cinematic sequences and in-game footage:

The single-player game appears to be played from the third-person, with a a hybrid first-person over-the-shoulder cam for combat.

Resident Evil 2 will be released on Friday, January 25th of next year for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


The action centers around rookie cop Leon Kennedy and college student Claire Redfield as they fight to survive a mysterious viral outbreak within Raccoon City. The 1998 original was hailed as a gaming masterpiece and propelled Resident Evil into mainstream pop culture and the entertainment you know today.


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