Focus Home Interactive has released the second episode of Dontnod Presents Vampyr, entitled Architects of the Obscure. This is just part two in a four-part web series that goes behind-the-scenes into the making of Focus and Dontnod Entertainment’s upcoming RPG Vampyr. The two remaining episodes will be released on Thursdays:

  1. Making Monsters
  2. Architects of the Obscure
  3. Human After All
  4. Stories From the Dark

Vampyr is scheduled to be released sometime this Spring for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


In Episode 2: Architects of the Obscure, Dontnod reveals the areas of London that you will explore and impact during your time in Vampyr. Each of the four districts has its own distinct style and groups of citizens, which can flourish or perish depending on your actions. Whitechapel and the Docks are ravaged by poverty and crime, while the West End benefits from a wealthier population – and is the district of choice for Ekons plotting in the shadows. Pembroke Hospital gives Dr. Reid the opportunity to put his medicinal skills to great effect, while tempting the doctor-turned-vampire with helpless citizens that hold him in a position of trust.

This latest episode also introduces the music of Vampyr, including insight from composer Olivier Deriviere. He discusses how he developed the game’s original score with consideration for its unique setting and atmosphere, as well as how the inner dilemma Jonathan faces translates into the music. Eric-Maria Couturier, of the Paris Ensemble InterContemporain, drives Vampyr’s soundtrack as solo cellist, and here offers an exclusive performance that showcases his unique style.


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