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Ambition (2019) Blu-ray


Shout! Factory has released the Ambition (2019) blu-ray to its Scream Factory line of horror home videos. Ambition is directed by Robert Shaye and written by Jenna Lyn Wright & John Rocco. The film stars Katherine Hughes, Giles Matthey, Sonoya Mizuno, Dylan McNamara, Kyanna Simone Simpson, John Kroft, and Bryan Batt.

Scream Factory’s Ambition blu-ray is now available for just $15.99 (regular price is $19.99):

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Scream Factory Ambition (2019) Blu-ray CoverSynopsis:

Jude is an intense, driven musician preparing for the biggest performance of her life … but in her competitive world, her ambition could end up literally killing her. As her competitors begin to die in bizarre ways, she recognizes a frightening pattern. Is she next? The more her suspicions are confirmed, the further she is hurled into a climactic showdown that challenges her chances for survival and sanity.