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The Asylum Announces Zombie Animal Sequel ‘Zoombies 2’


Late last week, genre film studio The Asylum announced, via social media, that it will be releasing a sequel to the 2016 zombie/zoo horror/comedy Zoombies. Accompanying the posts was the first official artwork from the film, simply titled Zoombies 2:

While nothing but the poster was officially released, according to IMDb, Zoombies 2 is directed by the original film’s director Glenn Miller, and stars Caleb Thomas as “Logan”, Erica Sturdefant as “Brooke”, and Himanshu Prasad as “Rod”. None of these actors of characters appeared in the original film, so it looks like Zoombies 2 will be feature an entirely different storyline than Zoombies.

Zoombies 2 will be released sometime later on this month, and The Asylum promised to share a trailer later on this week, so stay tuned!


They’re not just deadly… they’re dead.


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