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Bruce Campbell Says He’s Done With Ash Williams


Bruce Campbell stated, via Facebook, that he’ll not be playing Ash Williams again in the future. While there was always the possibility of another network picking up Ash vs. Evil Dead, that now seems less likely with no one to play the title role.

Ash vs. Evil Dead debuted in 2015 on Starz as a small screen continuation of Sam Raimi’s classic Evil Dead film trilogy. The premium cable network recently declined to renew Ash vs. Evil Dead for a fourth season. True to his word, Campbell said he’d retire the character if Starz cancelled Ash vs. Evil Dead at the Irish Film Institute last month:

Campbell played Ash in all of the Evil Dead movies except the 2013 remake, which removed the character entirely, and instead focused on Mia, who fills the role of the hero & the Deadite possession victim. Interestingly, in his farewell post, Campbell states that Ash is not dead because Ash is a concept, and it doesn’t matter if the hero is a man or woman – Campbell was a producer on the 2013 remake.

Ash vs. Evil Dead only has one more episodes to go in its third and final season. The series finale airs Sunday, April 29th at 9:00pm Eastern on Starz.


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