Yesterday, Wild Eye Releasing posted a handful of new horror movie trailers to its YouTube channel, and among them was the official trailer for the supernatural thriller Dark Sister (AKA Sororal). The minute-long trailer shows the main character in some kind of therapy for her dreams, which somehow connect to real life murders:

Dark Sister is a re-release of 2014’s Sororal, directed by Sam Barrett, written by Barrett, Robbie Studsor, starring Nicola Bartlett, Austin Castiglione, Vito de Francesco Nicola, Liam Graham, James Helm, Jeremy Levi, Megan Palinkas, and Amanda Woodhams.

Unfortunately, no release date was given, so stay tuned as details emerge!


Cassie (Amanda Woodhams) is tormented by horrific visions that follow her from her dreams into her waking life. The troubled artist copes with this curse that isolates her from the outside world by committing her violent visions to canvas. Cassie’s life is thrown into further disarray when it is revealed that her visions are depictions of real life murders. As her friends and family start turning up dead, Cassie realizes that her link to the killer works both ways and if she is to survive, she must unearth her family’s carefully hidden secrets and confront her own sordid past.


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