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Full Moon Features Releases ‘Evil Bong 777’ Trailer


Full Moon Features has released the Trailer for its upcoming stoner horror/comedy sequel, Evil Bong 777. The seventh movie in the Evil Bong franchise, Evil Bong 777 features triple-seven’s because this one is set in Las Vegas – the previous entry in the film series, Evil Bong 666, was set in Hell. The movie is directed by Charles Band, written by Band, Brockton McKinney, and Kent Roudebush, and stars Sonny Carl Davis, Robin Sydney, Jessica Morris, and Mindy Robinson.

Evil Bong 777 will be released this Friday, April 20th (AKA 4/20). You can watch it on Full Moon’s streaming channel with a $6.99 subscription either at FullMoonSteaming.com, or as an Amazon Prime add-on channel: Buy from Amazon


With Eebee now out of “Sexy Hell” and heading to Las Vegas with danger on her tail. She’s joined by her whack pack of fabulous freaks – Faux Batty (Robin Sydney), Rabbit (Sonny Carl Davis), Misty (Jessica Morris) and The Gingerweed Man – and together the troupe gets into all manner of smutty, skunky, surreal and sex-soaked misadventure, including an encounter with a pompadour-sporting porno puppet stud named “Hellvis”.

Can Vegas handle this gaggle of ganja-fied goons?


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