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‘In Search Of Voodoo: Roots To Heaven’ Trailer


The Miami Film Festival has released the trailer for the upcoming documentary In Search Of Voodoo: Roots To Heaven. The film is written, directed, and stars Djimon Hounsou (Constantine, Deep Rising).

In Search Of Voodoo: Roots To Heaven will premiere at the Miami Film Festival on Saturday, March 10th.


In Search of Voodoo is an origin story. It weaves together a personal, cultural, and spiritual journey – capturing the vibrant tales of Voodoo, West Africa, and Benin’s favorite son, actor Djimon Hounsou. Following Hounsou back to the country of his birth, it’s the story of a man rediscovering the core of his past and the lessons that the world can learn from a vibrant, yet misrepresented way of life.


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