The official trailer for the upcoming undead horror movie Gehenna: Where Death Lives has been released. While the film has been on the screening and festival circuit since 2016, it’s just now getting wider distribution. Gehenna: Where Death Lives is written & directed by Hiroshi Katagiri and stars Justin Gordon, Eva Swan, Simon Phillips, Mathew Edward Hegstrom, and Sean Sprawling with appearances by Lance Henriksen and Doug Jones (The Shape of Water). The movie will be released to limited theaters and on demand Friday, May 4th.


Paulina and Tyler visit Saipan to locate the ideal property for their new company resort. After finding the perfect location, they discover a hidden cave on the property and decide to explore with Alan, their local coordinator, and his assistant, Pepe.

The cave reveals a long-abandoned Japanese military base, dating back to WW2. Further investigation uncovers several dried up corpses, but curiosity outweighs fear and they walk further.

From the darkness, an elderly man approaches; a man barely recognizable as human. Horrible deformities ravage his frail body as if he had been living in the cave for his entire life.

Alan panics and pushes the old man backward, sending him crashing into the wall with a force that ends the old man’s life.

A deafening explosion sends rocks and rubble everywhere. The intensity of the turbulence shakes the entire cave, knocking the group unconscious and seals them in the cave.

They wake to find the dead body of the old man has disappeared, as well as the other corpses…

Desperate to find an exit, they wander further into cave and encounter more sinister secrets in its depths. As the various sources and clues unwind the cave’s mysteries, they’ll learn that the most shocking conclusion still awaits them…


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