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Watch The ‘Patients of a Saint’ Trailer Now!


Filmmaker Russell Owen has released the trailer for his upcoming horror movie Patients of a Saint. The over minute-and-a-half long trailer introduces us to a female death row inmate who’s been given the option have the death penalty dropped in exchange for undergoing dangerous medical experiments with a supernatural twist.

The film is written & directed by Owen along with co-writer Matthew J Gunn, and stars Philip McGinley, Jessie Williams, and Lynne Anne Rodgers.

Patients of a Saint will be released sometime next year.


When medical trails are pushed to their limits, the most extreme tests end up on St. Leonards Island in the north Atlantic. A re-purposed prison for some of the world’s most violent criminals. Their only hope of a way out? Commit to the trials.

But when one test goes catastrophically wrong, prisoners, doctors and guards alike have to unite to survive a horrifying, rampant disease that completely transforms its hosts. The high security units become a maze of dead ends for the survivors desperate to get out and off the island. But this human engineered virus has a grander plan for them.


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