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Rob Zombie Announces Daniel Roebuck Cast In ‘3 From Hell’


Today Rob Zombie announced that Daniel Roebuck would be reprising his The Devil’s Rejects role of Morris Green in its upcoming sequel 3 From Hell. Roebuck also appeared in 31 and Lords of Salem as well as Rob Zombie’s remakes of Halloween and Halloween II as Big Lou Martini.

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Mr. Zombie also announced that Bill Moseley would be returning as Otis Driftwood. We’re not sure why the need for this seperate announcement since Moseley was included in the original film unveiling along with fellow lead Sheri Moon Zombie. Perhaps they already created Moseley’s promo and wanted to use it:

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This is the seventh casting announcement that Mr. Zombie has made so far. Within the last ten days we’ve learned that Jeff Daniel Philips, Dee Wallace, and Austin Stoker would be in the new movie, with Sid Haig and Bill Moseley & Sheri Moon Zombie confirmed earlier in the month.


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